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TSBDF provides one medical ID  to any person living in our service area with a bleeding disorder or who is seen at a Cincinnati Hemophilia Treatment Center or by a local hematologist.  Additional jewelry can be purchased from the company. For budgetary reasons, TSBDF can provide up to one (1) Medical ID jewelry every two calendar years per patient. Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis.

In an emergency, bleeding disorders can be hard to identify but it is crucial to alert emergency responders of a bleeding disorder so they can act fast. 

What to put on a bleeding disorder medical ID:

  • Your name to quickly identify yourself.

  • Your medical conditions which can include the type of bleeding disorder that you have and any other condition or allergy that responders should be aware of

  • Current medications that you are on. For bleeding disorders such as Hemophilia, this may include clotting factor concentrates and/or synthetic hormone.

  • Your HTC Emergency Contact #

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