Women Bleed Too

Project ECHO

Free CMEs for All Providers

As part of our Women Bleed Too outreach project we are offering free CME’s through Project ECHO. Project ECHO is a series of four presentations focusing on the recognition and care for women with bleeding disorders. These free CME courses are offered for all providers as a collaboration between Hemophilia Federation of America (HFA) and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Courses will be offered in Fall 2024. More information to come on specific dates and times.

Session 1: How Do I Screen for a Bleeding Disorder?

Learn how to recognize and identify the common signs and symptoms of bleeding disorders in women and determine the course of action for suspected bleeding disorders.

Session 2: Testing for Bleeding Disorders in Ob/Gyn Care

Identify the common labs that are ordered for patients with heavy menstrual bleeding, how to interpret these lab results, and the next steps to take when a bleeding disorder is suspected.

Session 3: Iron Deficiency and Bleeding Disorders

Learn how to recognize the signs and symptoms of iron deficiency as it relates to heavy menstrual bleeding and bleeding disorders, identify which labs to order to screen for iron deficiency anemia, and what next steps to take.

Session 4: Building a Bridge to Subspecialty Care: What Comes Next After Identifying Patients with a Suspected Bleeding Disorder

Learn how to determine which patients are suitable for a referral to hematology and discuss diagnosis and management strategies that can be started before the subspecialty visit takes place.

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